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The Vietcong were _______________.
a) democratic
b) communist

Who won the Vietnam War?
a) America
b) Japan
c) Vietcong

Why was the Soviet Union having problems with their economy in 1986?
a) They ran out of gold
b) they spent too much money on elections
c) they spent too much money on weapons

Why did the Soviet military leaders lose power in 1990?
a) They ran out of bullets
b) soldiers refused to fire on crowds of civilians
c) they did not lose power
d) democrats won the election

What happened to the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991?
a) broke apart
b) declared war on the U.S.
c) expanded its borders
d) joined the league of nations

Are terrorists Fundamentalists or Extremists?
a) Fundamentalists
b) Extremists

Do most Muslims agree with the views of extremists?
a) Yes
b) No

Which of these is NOT a true meaning of "Jihad"?
a) resist temptation
b) do the right thing
c) spread the word of Allah
d) Holy War

The word "Islam" comes from an Arabic word meaning ______________.
a) Hate
b) War
c) Peace

Has America ever helped Muslim countries protect themselves?
a) Yes
b) No

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