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Luther’s ideas spread quickly because of
a) he printing press.
b) support of German princes.
c) his missionary journeys through Europe.
d) support of protesting priests.

The Anglican Church was formed as a result of
a) Henry VIII’s fight with the pope about taxation of the church.
b) Henry VIII’s fight with the pope over appointing bishops.
c) the protests of English followers against Luther.
d) Henry VIII’s fight with the pope about his divorce.

The Council of Trent did all of the following EXCEPT
a) eliminate sale of indulgences.
b) tighten discipline within clergy.
c) eliminate the emphasis on ceremony.
d) emphasize the need for priests.

Luther’s teachings
a) increased the role of the clergy.
b) encouraged the use of ceremony.
c) decreased the role of the Bible.
d) decreased the role of the clergy.

The Reformation, or “reform” of the Catholic Church, was begun by a monk in the Catholic Church. This monk posted his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany.
a) Martin Luther
b) John Calvin
c) William Graham
d) Thomas More

In European history, the term Renaissance refers to
a) a rebirth of the medieval feudal system
b) a series of holy wars between Catholics and Muslims lasting one hundred years.
c) the rebirth of classical (Greek and Roman) studies and culture.
d) the rebirth of government that gave all citizens rights.

The Catholic Church revitalized and strengthened itself after the Reformation. What was this restrengthening called?
a) Counter- Reformation
b) Anabaptist Reformation
c) Edict of Nantes
d) Christian Reformation

Which group made up the majority of the European population?
a) peasants
b) urban upper class
c) burghers
d) nobility

Using the moveable type for printing in Europe led to increased;
a) wealth for peasants.
b) land ownership for nobles.
c) participation in government.
d) rates of literacy in Europe.

The main goal of the humanistic education was to;
a) produce scholars of ancient literature.
b) teach people how to lead good lives.
c) promote individuality and creativity.
d) groom students for political careers.

Purchased pardons from punishment.
a) indulgences
b) predestination
c) mercenaries
d) humanism

Already determined who will be saved and who will be damned.
a) indulgences
b) humanism
c) predestination
d) venacular

Wrote 95 theses against indulgences.
a) Henry VIII
b) Tom Passe
c) John Calvin
d) Martin Luther

Preached that some were predestined for salvation.
a) Martin Luther
b) John Calvin
c) Tom Passe
d) Dante

Intellectual movement of the Renaissance.
a) venecular
b) republics
c) indulgences
d) humanism

The language of everyday speech in a particular region.
a) predestination
b) vernacular
c) humanism
d) commkon language

Members of the middle class who lived in a city or town.
a) burghers
b) nobility
c) peasants
d) merchants

Soldiers who fought mainly for money.
a) burghers
b) free-lancers
c) mercenaries
d) lost souls

A form of government in which the leader in not a king and certain citizens have the right to vote.
a) autocracy
b) theology
c) democracy
d) republics

Aristocrats are considered this?
a) nobels
b) peasonts
c) middle class
d) losers

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