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Government officials during the Nara period were hired because they
a) were nobles from powerful families
b) were friends of the emperor
c) did well on examinations
d) were related to the emperor

What did the Yamato do during the Taika or Great Change
a) created a strong central government
b) reduced the emperor's power
c) built many Buddhist temples
d) gave civil service examinations

Prince Shotoku looked to this country as an example of successful government
a) China
b) Egypt
c) Italy
d) Korea

Which country's government did Prince Shotoku use as an example for Japan
a) Ghana
b) Italy
c) China
d) India

Korea has been most greatly influenced by which of the following?
a) The zombie's from The Walking Dead
b) China and Japan
c) Mongol invaders
d) The Yamato

People who follow Shinto believe
a) In one god
b) Everything in nature has a spirit
c) In Buddhism
d) They should follow a vegetarian lifestyle

Kami is...
a) Also known as french toast
b) people who brought farming to Japan
c) plan of government
d) nature spirits

Jimmu is
a) Yamato leader who took the title emperor of heaven
b) nature spirits
c) plan of government
d) Drew

a) plan of government
b) capital city of Japan in the AD 700s
c) a people who brought farming to Japan
d) nature spirits

The four largest Japanese islands are Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and
a) Hokkaido
b) Kamakura
c) Kyoto
d) Tokyo

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