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Which of the following is a way to care for your body?
a) Eat Healthy
b) Play a musical instrument
c) Visit a museum
d) Read a newspaper

In Sharpen the Saw, what is also known as “the mental dimension”?
a) Soul
b) Heart
c) Brain
d) Body

Choose the correct steps of the Synergy Action Plan below
a) Define the problem, their way, our way, road way
b) Define the problem, their way, my way, brainstorm, high way
c) Define the problem, our way, my way, brainstorm, high way
d) Define the problem, their way, my way, high way

This is when we seem like we are listening and respond with cool and uh-huh.
a) Probing
b) Selective Listening
c) Pretend Listening
d) Spacing Out

These people believe that everyone has the right to be different. They just don’t embrace the differences.
a) Celebrator
b) Shunner
c) Tolerator
d) Synergizer

Most of what say is communicated through
a) words
b) body language
c) tone
d) feeling

Which of the following is used in genuine listening?
a) mirroring
b) mimicking
c) word listening
d) selective listening

Choose what attitude this scenario is an example of; You have had your eye on someone for weeks, but you haven't told anyone. Your best friend meets the object of your affection and is instantly attracted. She asks you to ask your crush and you do.
a) Win-Lose
b) Lose-Win
c) Lose-Lose
d) Win-Win

Habits 4,5, and 6 are part of the
a) The Private Victory
b) The Public Victory

What deposit into the RBA will quickly restore an overdrawn bank account?
a) Listen
b) Random acts of kindness
c) Say you are sorry
d) Set clear expectations

In Habit 4, this is the attitude which always occurs in sports and big business.
a) Win-Lose
b) Lose-Win
c) Lose-Lose
d) Win-WIn

Getting caught up and worrying about your clothes and having the newest phone model are examples of which of the tumor twins?
a) Comparing
b) Competing

Which of the 6 deposits into the Relationship Bank Account (RBA) is the single greatest deposit?
a) Random acts of kindness
b) Say you are sorry
c) Set clear expectations
d) Listen

Which of the following is not considered a big rock?
a) Talking on the phone with a friend
b) Studying for a test
c) Finish reading a book for a report
d) Getting a birthday present for a friend

This is the RBA deposit where you do not lead people on.
a) Listen
b) Set clear expectations
c) Be honest
d) Say you are sorry

In Habit 4, This was also known as the totem pole.
a) Win-Lose
b) Lose-Win
c) Lose-Lose
d) Win-Win

This is the time quadrant where everything is important and urgent.
a) Proacrastinaor
b) Prioritizer
c) Yes-Man
d) Slacker

In Habit 3, we learned that there are four time quadrants. What time quadrant do we want to be spending most of our time?
a) Procrastinator
b) Prioritizer
c) Yes-Man
d) Slacker

How many keys to goal setting are there?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Control your own destiny or someone else will is also known as
a) Think win-win
b) Put first things first
c) Begin with the end in mind
d) Be proactive

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