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Israel has peaceful relations with all of its neighbors today.
a) True
b) False

A strong rivalry between communist and non-communist countries is called a _____.
a) icy competition
b) Detente
c) Cold War
d) war

Who was the U.S.’s main rival during the cold war?
a) Germany
b) Iraq
c) France
d) Soviet Union

During the Cold War the United States wanted countries to become ___________.
a) Communist
b) Theocracies
c) Democratic
d) Monarchies

Under the Marshall plan, the U.S. would give money to any country as long as they promised not to become _______________.
a) capitalist
b) democratic
c) communist
d) infected

Which country was spilt into 4 zones after WWII?
a) Russia
b) Germany
c) France
d) Japan

A competition to have the most powerful weapons is called an ____________.
a) arms race
b) weapons competition
c) Army Navy Game
d) SALT talks

The idea that whoever shoots first, dies second is called _______________.
a) definite destruction
b) absolute annihilation
c) total recall
d) mutual assured destruction

In October of 1962, what did the United States want to keep out of Cuba?
a) cigars
b) nuclear missles
c) baseball
d) submarines

Why did the South Vietnamese government ask the U.S. for help in 1963?
a) to fight communists
b) to fight democrats
c) to fight Germany

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