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an imperative sentence ends with a....
a) question mark
b) exclamation point
c) period
d) zebra

a exclamatory sentence ends with a .....
a) period
b) hyphen
c) question mark
d) exclamation point

A interrogative sentence ends with a.....
a) period
b) exclamation point
c) question mark
d) quotation mark

A Declarative sentence ends with a....
a) period
b) question mark
c) explanation point
d) comma

If you are stuck up, self loving and arrogant you are....
a) modest
b) vain
c) ugly
d) moody

If you are feeling UNEASY during a test, you are....
a) very confident of your answers
b) feeling sick
c) not sure of your answers
d) uncomfortable in your seat

A dishonest person is a .....
a) scoundrel
b) smelly person
c) poor person
d) dirty person

To make something pure or better you are....
a) doing it over
b) giving it away
c) refining it
d) selling something

If you are moving ahead you are making.....
a) progress
b) games
c) noise
d) mistakes

what is the same as or synonym as REFINE?
a) distort
b) to make better
c) contaminate
d) dirty

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