Question 103 - 112 Final Review Genocide/Israel Question Preview (ID: 2236)

Final Review Genocide/Israel. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Who lost land in order to give the Jewish people a homeland?
a) Christians in Algeria
b) Muslims in Palestine
c) Hindus in India

Which new country was created after World War II in order to provide a homeland for Jewish people?
a) Palestine
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Israel
d) Jordan

What was created after WWII to settle international disputes?
a) League of Nations
b) Diplomatic immunity
c) United Nations

How many people were killed in WWII?
a) 6 million
b) 6 billion
c) 60 million
d) 60 thousand

What happened to the economies of most European economies after WII?
a) They improved
b) They were destroyed
c) They were not changed

In which country is genocide occurring today?
a) U.S.A
b) Russia
c) Spain
d) Sudan (Darfur)

Which group of people was targeted for genocide by the Hutus in 1994?
a) Twa
b) Belgians
c) Zulu
d) Tutsi

Which group of people was targeted for genocide by Pol Pot in 1975?
a) Cambodians
b) Armenians
c) Canadians
d) Irish

Which group of people was targeted for genocide by Stalin in 1933?
a) Greeks
b) Ukrainians
c) Bosnians
d) Canadians

What happened to Israel on its first day as a country?
a) it was attacked
b) it filed for bankruptcy
c) it became communist

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