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To have enough money to buy.
a) Afford
b) Produce
c) Expert
d) Loan

Money borrowed that must be paid back.
a) Loan
b) Market
c) Fad
d) Wealthy

a) Wealthy
b) Goal
c) Inventor
d) Expert

Something you promise you will get done.
a) Goal
b) Inventor
c) Fad
d) Market

To make available for sale OR a place where things are sold
a) Market
b) Loan
c) Goal
d) Produce

A fashion that won't last long.
a) Fad
b) Afford
c) Jobless
d) Goal

Someone who knows a lot about something.
a) Expert
b) Market
c) Wealthy
d) Fad

Someone who creates something new.
a) Inventor
b) Produce
c) Afford
d) Expert

Something done to learn about something.
a) Experiment
b) Productive
c) Commercial
d) Merchant

Having good results.
a) Productive
b) Product
c) Merchant
d) Jobless

Something that is made.
a) Product
b) Produce
c) Production
d) Merchant

Having to do with business OR an advertisement
a) Commercial
b) Merchandise
c) Experience
d) Commerce

You have this when you know a lot about something.
a) Expertise
b) Merchandise
c) Production
d) Product

Things that are bought and sold.
a) Merchandise
b) Production
c) Experiment
d) Goal

The PROCESS of making something.
a) Production
b) Produce
c) Product
d) SK Telecom

Someone who sells stuff.
a) Merchant
b) Merchandise
c) Commerce
d) Experience

a) Commerce
b) Productive
c) Experiment
d) Merchandise

A new thing to try
a) Experience
b) Product
c) Jobless
d) Fad

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