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What shape is Calcium chloride?
a) Ionic - Linear
b) Covalent - Bent
c) Covalent - Linear
d) Ionic - No Shape

What shape and polarity is Silicon tetrachloride?
a) Tetrahedral/Non Polar
b) Tetrahedral/Polar
c) Trigonal pyramidal/Non Polar
d) Trigonal pyramidal/Polar

What is the shape and polarity of phosphorus trifluoride?
a) Trigonal Planar/Polar
b) Trigonal Planar/Non polar
c) Trigonal Pyramidal/Polar
d) Trigonal Pyramidal/Non Polar

What is the shape and polarity of HOF
a) Linear/Polar
b) Linear/Non polar
c) Bent/Polar
d) Bent/Non polar

Which structure below has the strongest molecular force?
a) NH3
b) H2O
c) KCl
d) HF

Select the true statement regarding an endothermic chemical reaction.
a) Energy is absorbed from the surroundings.
b) Energy is released into the surroundings.
c) Energy of the reactants is greater than the energy of the products.
d) Energy is neither being absorbed nor being released.

Which of the following is an exothermic process?
a) Baking bread
b) Water vapor condensing to liquid water
c) Liquid water evaporating to water vapor
d) Ice cube melting

Mercury oxide needs 180kJ to decompose into Mercury and Oxygen gas is an example of what type of reaction?
a) The reaction is exothermic.
b) The reaction is endothermic.
c) The potential energy of the products is greater than that of the reactants.
d) The products have less potential energy than the reactants.

Choose the TRUE statement regarding enthalpy.
a) Bond lengths can be used to calculate enthalpy.
b) Enthalpy is measured in grams/mole.
c) Enthalpy is heat absorbed or released in a chemical reaction.
d) A single bonded carbon has the same enthalpy as a double bonded carbon.

Pick the compound that would be soluble (dissolve) in CCl2H2.
a) CO2
b) N2
c) HCN
d) CCl4

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