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An example of a domestic terror attack related to animal testing is:
a) firebombing research facilities
b) setting up secret videotapes for evidence at research facilities
c) protesting about a certain issue related to the slaughtering of animals
d) Americans going to Europe to protest and vandalize their facility

Economic Sabotage on animal research facilities can be BEST understood as:
a) stealing money from facilities to cause financial ruin
b) harrassing facilities enough that financial investors withdraw causing economic ruin
c) targeting research facilities damaging their property to cause financial stress for repairs
d) finding out enough damaging information about a facility, exposing them, and closing down their facility

PETA can be best described as?
a) An animal rights group worth 5 million dollars
b) An animal rights goup that conducts loud violent demonstrations and harasses reserachers on a personal level
c) An organization that primarly focuses on animals used for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation.
d) An organization willing to go outside the boundries of the law to gain awarness about animal rights

PETA stands for
a) People for ensuring treatment of animals
b) People for the ethical treatment of animals
c) People for establishing treatment of animals
d) Peaceful ethical treatment of animals

ALF (Animal Liberation Front) is BEST described as?
a) a radical group with strong beliefs related to treatment of animals
b) a mainstream group campaging against animal testing and cruelty
c) a legitimate organization to improve animal welfare
d) a organization involved in promoting public awareness of animal testing

Radical animals rights groups are best described as
a) people who protest to support animal rights
b) people with the objective to improve welfare of animals through peaceful and law-abiding methods
c) people who conduct violent actions to further awarness and change about animal rights
d) people who secretly videotape animal facilities to ensure proper animal care

Vivisection means
a) cutting into flesh
b) surgical procdures
c) cutting live flesh
d) animal welfare

Why are animals important in society?
a) Clothing
b) Food
c) Companionship
d) All of the Above

Animal welfare can be defined as:
a) meeting the needs of animals by limiting cruelty and ensuring proper animal care
b) ensuring animals live without enduring harm or pain
c) using animals to benefit ourselves as a society
d) valuing animal rights congruently with human rights

Microtargeting is a term used to describe
a) actions taken by legitamate animal organizations to harass reserachers privately
b) a method used by radical groups to save animals from reserach facilities
c) a radial approach to animal rights by attaching employees of animal research facilities personally
d) looking at animal research at a micro level and tring to prevent animal cruelty

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