Quiz 22.1 And 22.2 Bio 2 Review Question Preview (ID: 22319)

Major Groups Of Fungi And Their Major Features.

fungi usually obtain food by:
a) chemosynthesis
b) digesting it externally and then absorbing it
c) photosynthesis
d) absorbing it and then digesting it within fungal cells

fungi are similar to plants because they both
a) have chloroplasts in their cells
b) are important producers in their ecosystems
c) have cell walls surrounding their plasma membanes
d) liberate nutrients from dead materials

both bacteria and fungi digest food by:
a) eating only small organisms that they can engulf
b) forming food vacuoles
c) secreting enzymes and then absorbing the smaller molecules
d) eating only already decomposed molecules

when we eat mushrooms on our pizza we are technically eating the
a) fungal leaves
b) seeds
c) roots
d) mycelium

some fungi are predators (not parasites) of:
a) spiders
b) wheat
c) nematodes
d) humans

which polysaccharide is produced by both fungi and arthropods?
a) chitin
b) cellulose
c) fructose
d) glucose

The interwoven mass of cells that forms large structures like an earthstar or a mushroom is:
a) root
b) spore
c) septum
d) mycelium

The body of a fungus is generally composed of:
a) hyphae
b) cellulose
c) mycorrhizae
d) vascular tissue

Which of the following features are characteristics of fungi?
a) no cell walls, feeding by absorption, chemosynthesis
b) no cell walls, parasitic, heterotrophic
c) cell walls, feeding by absorption, and filamentous bodies
d) cell walls, photosynthesis, and usually filamentous bodies

fungal cell walls are different from plant cells walls because fungal walls contain
a) cellulose
b) chitin
c) pectin
d) starch

Black bread mold produces diploid reproductive structures called:
a) zygosporangia
b) toadstools
c) asci
d) mycelia

_____ for beneficial symbiotic relationships with plant roots.
a) chytrids
b) ascomycetes
c) glomeromycetes
d) basidiomycetes

Which fungal phylum usually carries on sexual reproduction?
a) basidiomycetes
b) gloceromycetes
c) ascomycetes
d) zygomycetes

When zygosporangia germinate, they must undergo_________before forming hyphae.
a) sporolation
b) meiosis
c) fertilization
d) mitosis

Which group of fungi appear to lack sexual reproduction?
a) glomeromycetes
b) zygomycetes
c) chytrids
d) ascomycetes

A zygosporangium is produced by
a) the union of two haploid hyphae
b) mitosis of hyphae
c) the union of egg and sperm
d) meiosis of megaspores

The world wide die-off of frogs has been traced to infection by
a) bascidiomycetes
b) gloceromycetes
c) ascomycetes
d) chytrids

According to the fossil record, the earliest group of fungi is probably the:
a) ascomycetes
b) basidiomycetes
c) chytrids
d) zygomycetes

Which fungal group produces swimming, flagellated spores?
a) gloceromycetes
b) zygomycetes
c) basidiomycetes
d) chytrids

In which environment would you most likely find chytrids?
a) the back of a refrigerator
b) a basket of overripe fruit
c) a warm swamp
d) well-used gym bag

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