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An error in DNA replication can cause

a) mutation
b) cancer
c) genetic variation
d) all of the choices are correct

Enzymes called helicases are responsible for unwinding the DNA double helix by breaking the ____________________ bonds that hold the complementary strands together.
a) Hydrogen
b) Covalent
c) Ionic
d) Disulfide

All of the following are true about the structure of DNA except

a) the long strands of nucleotides are twisted into a double helix.
b) every DNA nucleotide contains a sugar, a phosphate group, and a base.
c) DNA consists of two strands of nucleotides joined by hydrogen bonds.
d) short strands of DNA are contained in chromosomes inside the nucleus of a cell.

Who were the two scientists that created the first model of a DNA molecule?

a) Watson and Crick

b) Franklin and Watson

c) Franklin and Wilson

d) None of the choices are correct

The process of making more DNA is called

a) DNA replication 

b) Mitosis 

c) Translation
d) Transcription

During DNA replication, a complementary strand of DNA is made for each original DNA strand. Thus, if a portion of the original strand is CCTAGCT, then the new strand will be


The subunits of DNA are made up what components 

a) Deoxyribose
b) Nitrogenous Bases
c) Phosphate
d) All of the choices are correct

The outside of the DNA molecule, or the backbone, is made out of what?
a) Protein
b) Deoxyribose and Phosphate
c) Nitrogenous Bases
d) Carbohydrates

What base bonds with Adenine (A)?
a) None of the choices are correct.
b) T
c) C
d) G

DNA is made up of subunits called
a) Nucleotide
b) Nucleoid
c) Nuclear Blocks
d) Proteins

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