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To foretell the future by revelation from God is called what?
a) prophecy
b) illumination
c) canonicity
d) authenticity

The twin towers fell in nyc during what time period?
a) ad
b) bc
c) dd
d) bce

Roman Catholic church preaches that salvation is by grace, through faith
a) false
b) true
c) a
d) a

which one of these tests of canonicity requires the author to be a man of God?
a) is it prophetic?
b) is it dynamic?
c) is it authoritative?
d) was it received collected read, and used?

which Bible verse best describes why we should not pray to Mary?
a) 1 Timothy 2:5
b) John 3:16
c) Gen3:24
d) Luke 1:28

The apocrypha was not recognized as Scripture by the Roman Catholic Church until
a) 1500 a.d
b) 900 bc
c) 586 a.d
d) 2000 bc

Why does the Catholic Church pray to Mary?
a) They like women better than men
b) they think Mary will convince Jesus to do something
c) The Catholic Church has many quarterbacks that throw Hail Marys
d) The book of Maccabees tells them to

What is the name of the holding place that Catholics say you go to before going on to heaven or hell?
a) purgatory
b) Golgotha
c) Samaria
d) Abrahams bosom

Luke 24:44 says what about Jesus' belief in the Old Testament? - pick the best answer
a) it was true
b) He believed that the Psalms, the prophets and the law were to be regarded as the old testament
c) The psalms were the most important
d) He was coming again

Which of The following is a reason that the apocrypha should not be included as scripture
a) historically and geo graphically inaccurate
b) no historical value
c) it's teachings match up with our old and New Testament
d) The Catholics agree with it

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