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Milestones can add significant value to project scheduling because:
a) enable you to determine project team's strong weak points
b) point where the team stakeholders evaluate progress
c) graphically display the project tasks and task durations
d) help you manage the changes to the project's scope

In contrast to meetings that take place in person, a Webcast offers the advantage of:
a) encouraging participant interactivity
b) broadcasting events in their entirety without interruption
c) enabling participants to communicate with the presenter
d) being available for retransmission any time

What are project stakeholders?
a) Critical paths that describe tasks that must be completed
b) Reporting tools used by project managers
c) People or groups that can exert influence over the project
d) Milestones used to measure the progress of a project

In project management, a project is:
a) appointment of a person, dept. or device to a unit of work
b) sequence of work units accomplished in a defined time frame
c) unit of work that must be accomplished
d) person, dept. or device needed to accomplish a unit of work

Which of the following is an advantage of using a Webcast instead of an in-person meeting?
a) more cost-effective
b) can be viewed by unauthorized participants
c) might be interrupted by Internet connection problems
d) lacks face-to-face interaction

Which is a Web-based seminar that is interactive between participants and presenter?
a) Web conference
b) Voice conference
c) Webcast
d) Webinar

In project management, a task is:
a) a person, dept. or device needed to finish a unit of work
b) work units that must be accomplished within a timeframe
c) appointment of a person, dept. or device to a unit of work
d) a unit of work that must be accomplished

What does a Statement of Work outline?
a) The processes, tools and techniques you will need
b) The requirements for each project task
c) The planned dates for performing tasks and meeting goals
d) The project tasks and durations in bar-chart format

What can you do during execute control phases to discuss progress respond to project issues
a) Document project tasks to provide a paper trail
b) Keep an issues log to review at each project milestone
c) Adjust the project schedule accordingly
d) Plan and schedule meetings with team members

What are the three elements of the project triangle?
a) Time, money and scope
b) Time, staff and funding
c) Deadlines, time and tasks
d) Funding, quality and deadlines

Which is an interactive Web-based seminar typically conducted from speaker to participants?
a) Voice conference
b) Webcast
c) Webinar
d) Web conference

How does scope creep undermine the success of a project?
a) indicates the project costs are spiraling out of control
b) indicates a change in project management expertise
c) it is abrupt significant causing projects to end
d) it occurs in small increments can add up to failure

Which statement best describes the difference between intranets and extranets?
a) Intranets are used within a geographic continent
b) Intranets are used by commercial organizations
c) Intranets are used by Internet industry professionals
d) Intranets are used within corporations by employees

If the budget for a project were cut in half, which would be the most likely result?
a) No other part of the project would have to be adjusted
b) The time allotted for the project would be cut in half
c) The scope of the project would be increased
d) The scope of the project would be reduced

A SWOT analysis is an integral part of the planning phase because it allows you to:
a) list planned dates for performing tasks meeting goals
b) outline the requirements for each project task
c) outline the processes, tools and techniques
d) evaluate your organization's or team's strengths

Which result reflects an IT project that is poorly managed?
a) Other departments begin to work together more amicably
b) IT training and support is discontinued
c) Fewer alternatives are provided to employees
d) Tasks take longer to complete and cost more money

A needs analysis:
a) identifies the requirements for each project task
b) identifies problems or desires project must resolve/address
c) identifies the goals and tasks of a project
d) identifies the planned dates for performing tasks

Which is the best way to coordinate an interactive meeting for people from different cities?
a) Conference call
b) Webcast
c) Podcast
d) Web conference

In project management,an assignment is:
a) a unit of work that must be accomplished
b) sequence of work units that must be done at a certain date
c) appointment of a person, dept. or device to a unit of work
d) a person, dept. or device needed to complete a unit of work

During the closing phase a formal project review is done. It provides an opportunity to:
a) anticipate and respond to potential project deviations
b) use the issues log to support time, resource or cost change
c) test the product, evaluate performances document lessons
d) create a paper trail of team members who performed tasks

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