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The purpose of designing an event program that contains space for advertisements is to
a) promote the team
b) get more people to buy the program.
c) generate more revenue
d) pay less money for program printing costs.

What do businesses often include with a news release to attract an editor's attention:
a) Promotional souvenir
b) Captioned photograph
c) Reference list
d) Thank-you letter

When sport/event marketers use ongoing, two-way communication to build trust and goodwill with the media, they are creating a(n) ____________ relationship.
a) comprehensive B. interactive C. reactive D. exclusive
b) interactive
c) reactive
d) exclusive

When a sport organization employee creates a promotional script for a sport announcer to read during a pregame award ceremony, the employee should
a) include a joke in the introduction to capture the audience's attention.
b) number the copy pages in reverse chronological
c) make sure the final copy is single-spaced and the typeface is bold. D. identify name pronunciations that might be difficul
d) identify name pronunciations that might be difficult to read

What do sport/event planners often develop to encourage television and newspaper coverage?
a) Sales promotions
b) Local contests
c) Media guides
d) Creative themes

When writing news releases, businesses should avoid including their
a) opinions.
b) statistics
c) goals
d) locations

Developing positive relationships with people who work for local television stations and newspaper publishers is a way for an advertising agency to generate _______ for its clients.
a) new markets
b) cash
c) sales promotion
d) publicity

Ms. Johnson did not proofread a news release before it was mailed to the media, and several errors were found later. In order to minimize the damage that may result, Ms. Johnson should
a) wait for the media to contact the business
b) say nothing, but proofread future releases
c) ask another employee to handle the problem
d) call the media to give the correct information

One reason sport/event organizers often plan a day to give the media an opportunity to visit the site in advance is to encourage the media to
a) set up broadcast equipment.
b) pick up their credentials.
c) publicize the preparations.
d) hold a press conference.

What do businesses need to remember after they send a news release to the media?
a) The business should continuously are willing to publish all the news releases they receive.
b) Most magazines and newspapers are willing to publish all the news releases they receive.
c) Media outlets will only use press releases for businesses that purchase advertising.
d) The editor decides whether to publish or broadcast the release.

To develop positive relationships with the media, an advertising agency's public-relations director must be
a) impressionable and suspicious.
b) honest and professional.
c) organized and distant.
d) approachable and aggressive

Sport/event organizations develop and generate newsletters to
a) communicate with the public
b) notify the media
c) obtain feedback from sponsors
d) prepare for problems.

What information should a business obtain to get its news releases used?
a) Advertising rates
b) Publisher's name
c) Media deadlines
d) Network affiliation

Which of the following is an advantage to a sport organization that develops an interactive relationship with the broadcast and print media:
a) Ensures confidential information exchanges
b) Decreases the need for a public-relations plan
c) Builds mutually favorable relationships
d) Reduces organizational crisis risks

Why is it important for professional sport organization to develop relationships with the media?
a) To maximize favorable news and event coverage
b) To reduce the need to obtain alternate sources of income
c) To obtain endorsement deals with professional athletes
d) To prevent the release of information to the public

What do professional sport teams design for use during games that often become promotional tools because fans take them home?
a) Posters
b) tickets
c) programs
d) samples

Following a rash of newspaper criticism for being overpaid, a multimillion-dollar athlete signed up to be a volunteer spokesperson for Special Olympics. What was the athlete attempting to accomplish by promoting this move to the press?
a) Obtain a tax deduction
b) Attract a new sponsor
c) Gain more income
d) Overcome negative publicity

Which of the following do event organizers often include in an event to add interest and excitement to the event:
a) Dress rehearsal
b) Long intermission
c) Celebrity appearance
d) Sponsor recognition

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