Unit 3 Review Question Preview (ID: 22299)

Feudal Japan To Counter Reformation.

Leonardo Da Vinci painted which of the following
a) Mona Lisa
b) Pieta
c) The Prince
d) Don Quixote

Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses were a call for
a) religious revolt against the German princes
b) reforms within the Roman Catholic Church
c) greater power for the pope

In Europe, a major characteristic of humanism was
a) a belief in the supremacy of the state in relation to individual rights
b) a rejection of ancient societies and cultures
c) the value of the individual

Which condition in society was basic to the development of Greek philosophy and Renaissance art?
a) A rigid social classes
b) Emphasis on individualism
c) Religious uniformity

Which idea about leadership would Niccolo Machiavelli most likely support?
a) Leaders should do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals
b) Elected leaders should be fair and good.
c) Leaders should fight against discrimination and intolerance.

A characteristic of the Renaissance was that
a) the social structure became very rigid
b) creativity in the arts was encouraged
c) humanism decreased in importance

One reason the ancient kingdoms in western Africa prospered was that they
a) had no contact with the rest of the world
b) followed the Hindu beliefs of their rulers
c) developed extensive trade in gold, ivory, and salt

Which of the following is a famous Renaissance Writer?
a) Mansa Musa
b) Michaelangelo
c) Leonardo
d) William Shakespeare

A similarity between the ancient western African kingdoms of Mali, Ghana, and Songhai is that these kingdoms
a) established economies based on trade
b) practiced Christianity
c) isolated themselves from contact with other cultures

During the Renaissance, which development contributed most to the Protestant Reformation?
a) interest in Ancient Greece and Rome
b) questioning of traditional authority
c) attention to realism and detail

Indulgences are
a) a fee paid to the Church to have sins forgiven
b) a tax on goods
c) non-religious belief

Which was a characteristic of feudalism in both medieval Europe and Japan?
a) Merchants acquired more power than any other class.
b) Political power was held by a strong central government.
c) People pledged absolute loyalty to their social superiors.

The code of bushido of the Japanese samurai is most similar to
a) belief in reincarnation and karma of Hindus
b) practice of chivalry by European knights
c) teachings of Judaism

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