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Stuff From The Classical Period In Music.

The Classical Period Begins Circa
a) 1750
b) 1800
c) 1600
d) 1941

A symphony usually has
a) 4 movements
b) 3 movements
c) 5 movements
d) no movements

An independent part of a compound form is called a
a) movement
b) symphony
c) sonata
d) concerto

An instrumental work for 1 to 8 instruments, in three movements is a
a) sonata
b) concerto
c) symphony
d) movement

The usual tempo pattern of symphony movements is
a) Fast, Slow, Dance, Fast
b) Fast, Slow, Fast Slow
c) Fast, Slow, Slow, Fast
d) Fast, Fast, Fast, Slow

He's NOT a classical composer:
a) Bach
b) Beethoven
c) Haydn
d) Mozart

The first and last movements of a symphony are usually in
a) sonata-allegro form
b) theme and variations form
c) symphony form
d) concerto form

Sonata-Allegro from consists of
a) exposition - development - recapitulation
b) four movements
c) rondo-modo form
d) ritornello form

Coda is Italian for
a) tail
b) fish
c) introduction
d) movement

The recapitualtion
a) is a repeat of the exposition
b) is a repeat of the development
c) is only used in emergencies
d) is Julia's favorite word

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