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Resistance to a change in motion is
a) Inertia
b) Velocity
c) Speed
d) Acceleration

Friction is
a) a change in direction.
b) a force between two surfaces rubbing against each other that works against motion.
c) a force that increases an object's speed.
d) inertia

When rolling down a hill, which object will require the greatest force to stop it?
a) Marble
b) Ping Pong Ball
c) Tennis Ball
d) Bowling Ball

Mrs. Stamm is driving with her coffee cup on top of her car. When she hits the brakes, her coffee cup falls forward. Which of Newton's Laws does this demonstrate?
a) Newton's Law of Inertia
b) Newton's Law of Action-Reaction
c) Newton's Law of Laws
d) Newton's Law of Force and Acceleration

A change in an object's speed or direction is
a) Friction
b) Acceleration
c) Velocity
d) Stationary

Unbalanced Forces cause
a) an object to remain in constant motion.
b) an object to remain still.
c) a change in the motion of an object.
d) an object to be stationary.

If you are riding a bicycle at a constant speed on a track, at what two points is your velocity the same?
a) When you are facing North
b) When you are facing North and when you are facing South
c) When you are facing North and when you are facing West
d) When you are facing South and when you are facing East

If an object is moving at a steady speed, then the Net Force is
a) Unbalanced
b) 0 - It is balanced
c) Changing its motion
d) Slowing it down

If an object's speed does not change, how is the acceleration affected?
a) Acceleration is increasing.
b) Acceleration is decreasing.
c) Acceleration is 1.
d) Acceleration is 0.

How do you calculate Net Force when two forces are pointing in the same direction?
a) You add the two forces.
b) You subtract the two forces.
c) You multiply the two forces.
d) You divide the two forces.

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