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After the death of his chief minister in 1661, Louis XIV
a) shared power with the French people
b) took complete control of the government
c) established a republic
d) ruled in partnership with the Estates General

Peter the Great's goals included
a) easternization
b) increasing the power of the boyars
c) acquiring a warm-water port
d) elminating the use of serfs on Russian estates

What was a major cause of conflict within the empire of Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V?
a) Charles suppressed Protestantism in the German states
b) Charles fought his brother in religious wars
c) Saxons invaded France and tried to occupy Paris
d) Ottoman forces overran much of southern France

To avoid war over Poland, Russia, Austria, and Prussia
a) decided to partition it among themselves
b) asked France to decide the country's fate
c) allowed Poland to choose its own form of government
d) exiled boyars to Poland

Which of the following was an effect of the Thirty Years War?
a) the end of the Hapsburg Empire
b) severe depopulation of Europe
c) the outlawing of mercenaries
d) the unification of Germany

Peter the Great westernized which country?
a) Prussia
b) Austria
c) Russia
d) Spain

Which of the following families united their northern German territories to create Prussia
a) the Hapsburgs
b) the Romanovs
c) the Hohenzollerns
d) the Tudors

Which 2 major European powers emerged after the Thirty Years War?
a) Russia and France
b) Spain and England
c) Austria and Prussia
d) Portugal and Poland

Which of the following was not an accomplishment of Peter the Great?
a) the founding of a new capital at St. Petersburg
b) the procurement of a warm-water port
c) the westernization of Russian ideas, culture, and technology
d) the extension of Russia's borders

the belief that a monarch's authority comes directly from God
a) papal supremacy
b) lay investiture
c) divine right
d) mandate of heaven

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