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Nixon's policy of _____________ meant that he sought to ease tensions with the Soviet Union and China.
a) New Federalism
b) EPA
c) detente
d) de jure

One result of detente was that the US entered the __________ agreement.
d) United Nations

Relations with the Soviet Union got worse when ______________ criticized violations of civil liberties in the Soviet Union
a) Lyndon Johnson
b) Gerald Ford
c) Richard Nixon
d) Jimmy Carter

Part of Reagan's policy of peace through strength was....
a) Proposing the Strategic Defense Initiative.
b) Detente.
c) Placing US missiles in Cuba.
d) Re-starting the Vietnam War.

Relations between the Soviet Union and US improved after _____________ took over in the Soviet Union.
a) Stalin
b) Mikhail Gorbachev
c) Khruschev
d) Steve Spurrier

Under this policy, the Soviets allowed for freedom of the press and more criticism of the government.
a) perestroika
b) glasnost
c) Russian First Amendment

He was president when the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended.
a) George HW Bush
b) George W. Bush
c) Ronald Reagan
d) William Jefferson Clinton

All of the following helped lead to the end of the Cold War EXCEPT:
a) The financial strain of the arms race with the US.
b) Movement for liberation in Eastern Europe.
c) Gorbachev exercising stricter control over the people of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
d) Changes within the Soviet Union.

All of the following were Cold War presidents EXCEPT:
a) Bill Clinton
b) George HW Bush
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Richard Nixon

The Eisenhower Doctrine said that the US would help protect ______________ countries from communist rule.
a) Middle Eastern
b) Latin American
c) African
d) Asian

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