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The Church of England was created because
a) the pope would not end the practice of simony
b) King Henry VIII wanted a divorce
c) the pope rejected papal supremacy
d) King Richard the Lionheart broke away from the Catholic Church

Who painted the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa?
a) Michelangelo
b) Machiavelli
c) da Vinci
d) Brunelleschi

During the ____________, Europeans experienced a renewed interest in classical learning and the arts
a) Reformation
b) Crusades
c) Renaissance
d) Middle Ages

Which group wanted to defend, restore, and spread the Catholic faith?
a) the Jesuits
b) the Calvinists
c) the Lutherans
d) the philosophes

How did Martin Luther react when rebellious peasants attempted to apply his religious movement to violent social change?
a) he took the side of the peasants
b) he urged a compromise between peasants and political leaders
c) he denounced the peasants and the rebellion was suppressed
d) he did not take sides in the conflict

Who perfected the printing press, thus starting the printing revolution in Europe?
a) Martin Luther
b) Johann Gutenberg
c) Alexander Dumas
d) John Calvin

the idea that God long ago decided who would be saved and who would not is known as
a) predestination
b) simony
c) indulgence
d) investiture

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote
a) about Communism
b) about politics, leaders, and power
c) about corruption in the Catholic Church
d) about the corruption of absolute rulers

the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance was
a) Flanders
b) Florence
c) Rome
d) Athens

the intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance was known as
a) realism
b) scholasticism
c) humanism
d) nationalism

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