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If a strong fungicide is released and eliminates all the fungi in an ecosystem, which of the following is likely to happen?
a) faster breakdown of litter
b) an accumulation of dead and discarded plant and animal tissues
c) improved growth of plant species
d) improved soil fertility

What are mycorrhizae?
a) bread molds
b) root parasites
c) photosynthetic nodules
d) root-dwelling mutualists

Fungi that live inside plant leaves and provide protection from insects are:
a) saprophytes
b) mycorrhizae
c) endophytes
d) lichens

Why are fungi important in recycling woody plants?
a) Fungi are the only organisms capable of digesting both cellulose and lignan?
b) Fungi have internal digestion necessary to digest wood.
c) Woody plants occupy the same environment as fungi.
d) Fungi digest chloroplasts.

Which fungal group is most commonly found in lichens?
a) glomeromycetes
b) zygomycetes
c) ascomycetes
d) basidiomycetes

Mycorrhizae surround and infiltrate the ______ of vascular plants.
a) stems
b) seeds
c) flowers
d) roots

Which of the following are among the first organisms to colonize barren habitats?
a) lichens
b) fungi
c) mushrooms
d) plants

The structure on the surface of a dead tree that indicates a fungus is growing inside are for
a) defense
b) reproduction
c) pollination
d) feeding

How are lichens and mycorrhizae similar?
a) both are pioneer species that colonize bare rock
b) both are saprophytes that decompose dead materials
c) both form symbiotic relationships with plants that benefit the plants
d) both parasitize live plants, eventually killing them

Mycorrhizae are symbiotic associations between
a) algae and fungi
b) algae and plant roots
c) plant roots and fungus
d) animals and fungus

Inhaling fungal spores can produce
a) ergot poisoning
b) histoplasmosis
c) yeast infections
d) Amanita induced liver failure

Which fungus species is responsible for the destruction of American Elm trees?
a) chytrids
b) ascomycetes
c) zygomycetes
d) glomeromycetes

Rusts and smuts are examples of
a) lichens
b) mycorrhizae
c) fungal plant disease
d) yeasts

Which of the following fungus species produces ergot poisoning?
a) Aspergillus
b) Amanita
c) Candida albicans
d) Claviceps purpurea

Human yeast infections are caused by
a) Candida albicans
b) Amanita
c) Aspergillus
d) Claviceps purpurea

Ascomycetes can damage cotton garments because they produce protease and
a) cellulase
b) asci
c) penicillin
d) smut

The highly toxic Aspergillus infects
a) milk
b) wheat
c) peanuts
d) bread

the antibiotic penicillin was originally derived from
a) archaea
b) bacteria
c) fungi
d) plants

Single celled fungi are known as:
a) basidiomycota
b) yeasts
c) club fungi
d) ascospores

Which of the following is an example of a parasitic fungal disease?
a) malaria
b) sleeping sickness
c) trichinosis
d) athlete's foot

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