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What type of literature is this?
a) fairy tale
b) biography
c) mythology
d) realistic fiction

What do we call a story book that is written like a comic?
a) poem
b) fable
c) graphic novel
d) textbook

What point of view is Beauty and the Beast told in?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

Which of the following is not a main or supporting character?
a) Beauty
b) Beast
c) Father
d) Witch

What is the father's job or occupation?
a) carpenter
b) merchant
c) king
d) shoe maker

Why does the Beast get angry with the father?
a) father breaks into the castle
b) father gets caught stealing a rose
c) father is cruel to the beast
d) the beast is always angry with everyone

Why does Beauty go to the Beast's castle?
a) the Beast made father promise that Beauty would go to the castle
b) Beauty finds the castle one day while walking in the woods
c) the Beast kidnaps her from her house and takes her to the castle
d) Beauty does not go to the castle

Which word does NOT describe how the Beast treats Beauty at the castle?
a) tender
b) loving
c) scary
d) kind

What does Beauty promise when she leaves the castle?
a) She will return in 1 day
b) She will return in 1 month
c) She will return in 1 year
d) She will return in 1 week

What do we find out about the castle's curse?
a) The Beast will stay a Beast if a prisoner escapes
b) The Beast will die if a promise gets broken
c) The Beast will turn into a frog if no one loves him
d) The Beast will turn into a man if no promises are made

What is the real reason that Beauty's sisters do not want her to go back to the castle?
a) They are worried that the Beast is not really nice
b) They will miss her too much
c) They want her to stay home with them to celebrate Christmas
d) They are jealous of the gifts that the Beast gave her

Why does the Beast start to die?
a) Beauty does not truly love him
b) Beauty returns to the castle too early
c) Beauty returns to the castle too late
d) The Beast is old and sick

How does Beauty feel about the Beast while she is back home with her family?
a) She is glad to be away from him
b) She is starting to miss him
c) She is scared of him
d) She forgets all about him

What does Beauty learn about the Beast?
a) He was cursed by an evil witch many years ago
b) He is not really rich
c) He is really just a baby
d) He will always be a Beast

How does Beauty save the Beast from dying?
a) She goes back to the castle before the week is over
b) She shows him true love
c) She kills the evil witch
d) She brings him medicine to get better

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