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Which word has the opposite or close to the opposite meaning as... INTEND to go
a) changed mind about going
b) never wanted to go
c) planned on going
d) declined to go

Which sentence is an INTERROGATIVE sentence using the word EXQUISITE?
a) Wow, the car was an exquisite piece of craftmanship!
b) Was the Christmas tree exquisite looking with the many decorations on it?
c) My dog exquisited around the yard because he was excited.
d) It was an exquisite day at the beach.

a) to speak quietly
b) the sound a frog makes
c) a type of song
d) yell out in surprise

Which word is an Antonym of or opposite of ENTIRE?
a) whole
b) none
c) tie
d) simple

Which sentence is a DECLARATIVE sentence using the word DRAB?
a) The painting was drab and had no color.
b) Is the movie drab?
c) I am going to yell like a drab person!
d) Go get my drab now!

Which is a sentence that best describes the word DISCLOSE?
a) I will disclose my hair with shampoo.
b) The zipper on the pants got disclosed and would not go down.
c) The grass was disclosed with dew.
d) I will not disclose her secret to anyone!

Define crafty.
a) clumsy
b) good at making things
c) macaroni
d) a type of plane

a) clapping loudly
b) boo loudly
c) laugh loudly
d) stomp feet loudly

Which word has the same or close to the same meaning as... JEER at
a) applause
b) rude insult
c) happy
d) pep rally

To PEER at something is to....
a) see it with wide eyes
b) hard to see
c) stare at it
d) be blind by it

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