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Why are rules in home, schools, and communities important?
a) To make the kids mad
b) To keep us safe
c) To create a chaotic environment
d) To make the authority figure feel important

What is an authority figure?
a) Baby sister or brother
b) Someone that breaks rules
c) Someone that has rules to keep us safe and to help people to get along
d) An animal

What is a conflict?
a) A game
b) A food
c) A story
d) A problem that needs a solution

What is one way in which you can resolve a conflict?
a) Talk it out and try to find a solution
b) Yell at each other
c) Cry
d) Tattle

Who is an authority figure in the community?
a) Baby
b) Firefighter
c) Dog
d) Classmate

Who is the president?
a) The leader of our city
b) The leader of our state
c) The leader of our school
d) The leader of our nation/country

What is the role of a teacher?
a) To teach new subjects
b) To make your lunch
c) To put you to bed
d) To put out fires

Which is a classroom rule?
a) Run around the classroom all day
b) Yell when you want to speak
c) Raise your hand when you want to answer a question
d) Color on the walls

Which authority figure helps people to follow the speed limit when driving?
a) Firefighter
b) Police Officer
c) Doctor
d) Librarian

Who is NOT an authority figure at school?
a) Teacher
b) Librarian
c) Grandmother
d) Principal

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