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The original king of Scotland was....
a) Malcolm
b) Macbeth
c) Duncan
d) Macduff

Who appeared during the banquet as a ghost?
a) Fleance
b) Lady Macbeth
c) Duncan
d) Banquo

Who wished to be unsexed to be stronger?
a) Lady Macduff
b) Lady Macbeth
c) Macbeth
d) Malcolm

Who was not there for his wife and children, but remains loyal to Scotland?
a) Macduff
b) Ross
c) Malcolm
d) Macbeth

Who fled to England to ask the king for help?
a) Donalbain
b) Lennox
c) Malcolm
d) Ross

Who imagines guarding the gates of hell?
a) Hecate
b) Porter
c) Siward
d) Seyton

Who is Macbeth's lieutenant?
a) Porter
b) Lady Macbeth
c) Macduff
d) Seyton

Who is the son of Banquo?
a) Siward
b) Donalbain
c) Fleance
d) Angus

Who is the Goddess of Witches?
a) Sirrah
b) Hecate
c) Siward
d) Caithness

Who begins sleepwalking?
a) Lady Macduff
b) Menteith
c) Lady Macbeth
d) Caithness

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