Intro. To Theatre Final Review - Antigone Question Preview (ID: 2225)

Reviews The Characters And Storyline In The Greek Play, "Antigone.".[print questions]

At the beginning of the play, what is Antigone determined to do?
a) Run away from Creon
b) Bury her brother, Polyneices
c) Bury her brother, Eteocles
d) Disown her sister, Ismene

How did Polyneices die?
a) In a battle with this brother
b) By the hands of Creon
c) The plague
d) Wandering the land outside of Thebes

What does Creon say Antigone's punishment will be for disobeying him?
a) Lashes with a whip
b) Stoned to death
c) Entombed in a cave to starve to death
d) Be-headed

How is it that Creon became the new King of Thebes?
a) Won the lottery
b) Next in the family line
c) Volunteered
d) Won an election

How are Haemon and Antigone related?
a) Brother and sister
b) Cousins
c) Aunt and Uncle
d) Uncle and neice

What is the name of the blind fortune teller?
a) Tyrone
b) Tuliah
c) Tiresias
d) Tyrant

At the end of Antigone, which of the following characters is still alive?
a) Ismene
b) Antigone
c) Eteocles
d) Haemon

Who is Eurydice in relation to Antigone?
a) Sister
b) Mother
c) Aunt
d) Cousin

Who is Creon in relation to Antigone?
a) Brother
b) Uncle
c) Father
d) Cousin

Who is Eteocles in relation to Antigone?
a) Brother
b) Father
c) Uncle
d) Cousin

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