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Which amendment made former slaves citizens of the United States?
a) 13th Amendment
b) 14th Amendment
c) 15th Amendment
d) 12th Amendment

Which amendment allowed former slaves to vote?
a) 15th Amendment
b) 16th Amendment.
c) 14th Amendment
d) 13th Amendment

The Dawes Act was designed to benefit
a) Native Americans.
b) both Native Americans and white settlers.
c) neither Native Americans nor white settlers.
d) white settlers.

Cities had problems with sanitation, water, and housing because of an increase in
a) fires.
b) transportation.
c) crime.
d) population.

What reason did families have for moving from rural areas to the cities?
a) felt the city had better living conditions.
b) wanted to start over.
c) more jobs
d) move closer to their family

Which industry did Andrew Carnegie build into a monopoly?
a) food.
b) coal.
c) steel.
d) railroads.

What is graft?
a) overcharging the government.
b) undercharging the government.
c) a big business strategy.
d) an increase in import taxes.

Vertical Integration involves
a) buying out raw material producers and distributors
b) forming trusts.
c) merging with companies producing similar products.
d) using new methods to increase production.

Horizontal integration is the buying out of a business’s......
a) suppliers.
b) competitors.
c) stocks.
d) consumers.

The main purpose of labor unions is to promote
a) government rights.
b) citizen’s rights.
c) owner’s rights.
d) worker’s rights

All of the following were effects of industrialization except
a) labor saving devices were used.
b) the prices of products increased.
c) e prices of products decreased.
d) products were mass produced.

One of the impact of railroads was
a) different regions within the nation become independent.
b) the nation became more united.
c) the railroads did not link the United States.
d) the nation became more dependent on foreign countries.

The Freedman’s Bureau was established to
a) assist the Union recover from the Civil War.
b) assist former slaves and poor whites in the south.
c) assist former plantation owners re-establish their plantations.
d) assist the Confederate generals re-establish citizenship.

The goals of the KKK included all of the following except which one?
a) Encouraging African Americans to vote.
b) Stop African Americans from voting and holding office.
c) Intimidate whites so they wouldn’t help blacks.
d) Destroy the Republican party.

The time period when the United States began to rebuild after the Civil War is known as
a) Imperialism.
b) Reconstruction.
c) Industrialization.
d) Reorganizing.

This battle is considered to have brought the Indian wars to an end was actually a massacre of unarmed Native Americans
a) Battle of Sand Creek
b) Custer’s Last Stand
c) Wounded Knee
d) Guadalcanal

Having the United States practice bimetallism the money supply would
a) country would run out of gold
b) decrease
c) stay the same
d) increase

This American was killed at the battle of Little Big Horn
a) George Custer
b) Robert E. Lee
c) U.S. Grant
d) William Jennings Bryan

Which of the following is a typical supporter of a political machine?
a) rich.
b) factory owners.
c) women.
d) immigrants.

The main goal of the Americanization movement was to
a) assimilate people of various cultures into the dominant cultur
b) improve the living conditions in America’s largest cities
c) limit the number of immigrants entering the country
d) encourage people to move from the country to the city

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