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Which combination of barometric pressure and temperature would most likely predict snow?
a) falling pressure, 23 degrees C
b) rising pressure, -8 degrees C
c) falling pressure, -5 degrees C
d) rising pressure, 9 degrees C

What conditions would most likely cause precipitation?
a) dew point 60 degrees F, air pressure falling, temperature 62 degrees F
b) dew point 75 degrees F, air pressure rising, temperature 88 degrees F
c) dew point 86 degrees F, air pressure falling, temperature 70 degrees F
d) dew point 90 degrees F, air pressure rising, temperature 99 degrees F

Clouds are dark, low and thick; like a blanket covering the sky. Is this a good day for a picnic? Why?
a) Yes, these cirrus clouds mean good weather
b) No, these are nimbostratus clouds which indicate rain will happen soon
c) Yes, low dark clouds do not indicate precipitation
d) No, rain will not happen today

A cold front moving southeast meets a warm front moving northwest. The fronts remain together for several days. What is this front called and what weather would be likely?
a) occluded, clear skies
b) warm, mild and getting warmer
c) warm, severe thunderstorms
d) stationary, long periods of precipitation

Warm air___________ and cools, which leads to ______________.
a) falls, evaporation
b) rises, condensation
c) rises, evaporation
d) falls, condensation

Which of the following is NOT a type of condensation?
a) fog
b) cloud
c) snow
d) dew

Which of the following instruments measures air pressure?
a) thermometer
b) barometer
c) anemometer
d) psychrometer

How does a warm front form?
a) Warm air becomes caught between cold air masses.
b) Two air masses meet and stay seperated.
c) Warm air moves over cold air and replaces it.
d) Cold air moves under warm air and pushes it up.

Which conditions most likely cause good weather?
a) Low atmospheric pressure and stratus clouds
b) cumulonimbus clouds and temperature of 80 degrees F
c) dew point of 70 degrees F and temperature 71 degrees F
d) relative humidity of 60% and clear skies

What kind of weather will nimbostratus clouds likely bring
a) sunny
b) warm
c) rainy
d) thunderstorms

A continental polar air mass forms in
a) the Pacific Ocean
b) northern Canada
c) the Gulf of Mexico
d) he desert Southwest

What happens when air reaches its dew point?
a) condensation occurs
b) relative humidity is 100%
c) the humidity decreases
d) clouds form

Wind moving in two directions over a prairie makes air in the middle spin. This is the beginning of a
a) hurricane
b) thunderstorm
c) hailstorm
d) tornado

What kind of weather does a stationary front bring?
a) drizzly rain followed by clear weather
b) severe storms
c) many days of cloudy, wet weather
d) cold, dry weather

At 8:00 AM the temperature is 75 degrees F with low humidity and cirrus clouds in the sky. Predict what the weather will most likely be at 4:00 PM.
a) cloudy and rainy
b) dry and mild
c) clear and snowy
d) thunderstorms and hail

When a cold front is approaching a city the weather is most likely to be
a) dry and mild
b) thunderstorms with cumulonimbus clouds
c) sunny with cirrus clouds
d) overcast with nimbostratus clouds

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