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Mechanical to Electrical
a) Electric Motor
b) Electric Generator

Electrical to Mechanical
a) Electric Motor
b) Electric Generator

Nonrenewable energy resources include all of the following except.
a) Coal
b) Hydrogen Fuel Cell
c) Uranium
d) Oil

Right Hand Rule - your fingers represent...
a) Electron Flow
b) Magnetic Field
c) Poles

Why do fossil fuels account for most of the world's energy use?
a) Nonpolluting
b) Distributed evenly throughout the world
c) Relatively cheap and readily available

Generating electric current by moving an electrical conductor relative to a magnetic field.
a) Electromagnetic Force
b) Electromagnetic Induction (Electric Generator)
c) Magnetic Field

When you change the direction of current of an electromagnet in an electric motor....
a) The electromagnet turns off
b) Mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy
c) The magnetic field reverses direction

Where is a magnet the strongest?
a) The middle
b) The South Pole
c) The north and south poles

More wraps will make an electromagnet....
a) Weaker
b) Stronger

When you break a magnet into two pieces...
a) You get one magnet
b) You get two north and two south poles
c) You get two north poles.

The south pole of a magnet _______________.
a) Repels the North Pole
b) Attracts the North Pole
c) Will attract to an aluminum can

What type of circuit only has one path for electricity?
a) Series
b) Parallel

Coal burning power plant
a) Mechanical - chemical - electrical
b) Electrical - mechanical - chemical
c) Chemical - heat (thermal) - mechanical - electrical

Energy stored in oil
a) Thermal
b) Chemical
c) Nuclear

The amount of light produced compared to the electricity that goes into the light.....
a) More than
b) Less than
c) Equal to

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