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la regla
a) the ruler
b) the notebook
c) the paper
d) the wall

la pared
a) the wall
b) the clock
c) the notebook
d) the paper

el escritorio
a) the teacher's desk
b) the student's desk
c) the newspaper
d) the ruler

el pupitre
a) the student's desk
b) the teacher's desk
c) the wastebasket
d) the ruler

la pizarra
a) the chalkboard
b) the chalk
c) the pencil
d) the pen

el reloj
a) the clock
b) the wall
c) the book
d) the chair

el libro
a) the book
b) the books
c) the magazine
d) the newspaper

la revista
a) the magazine
b) the book
c) the newspaper
d) the chair

el sacapuntas
a) the pencil sharpener
b) the pencil
c) the pen
d) the door

la puerta
a) the door
b) the window
c) the chair
d) the desk

el cuaderno
a) the notebook
b) the paper
c) the newspaper
d) the magazine

el borrador
a) the eraser
b) the erasers
c) the chair
d) the door

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