Intro. To Theatre Final Review - The Basics Question Preview (ID: 2223)

Review Concepts From The First Unit Which Included Warming Up, Observation, Pantomime, And Improvisation.

The situation or character that is provided for an improvised scene is called what?
a) Set-Up
b) Clue-In
c) Starter
d) Catch Phrase

What is the fastest way to dead end an improvisation?
a) Pause to think for a response
b) Head down a different path than your partner(s)
c) Say no
d) Repeat what your partner(s) said

In addition to their own memories/imaginations, actors must depend on their powers of what?
a) Pantomiming
b) Creative Blocking
c) Memorization
d) Observation

When warming up your body in preparation for pantomime, you should give particular attention to warming up which two parts of your body?
a) Neck and wrists
b) Wrists and ankles
c) Ankles and neck
d) Neck and back

In acting, why do we begin with actions?
a) Actions speak louder than words
b) Actions are harder to learn than words
c) Actions take more time
d) Actions can be misunderstood more than words

What is the basis of energy in Improvisation?
a) Creativity
b) Humor
c) Conflict
d) Time

Improvisation means acting without a(n)
a) Partner
b) Script
c) Audience
d) Limit

True or False: You should TRY to be funny with Improvisation.
a) True
b) False
c) X
d) X

With improvisation, you should ____ how you feel, rather than TELL how you feel.
a) Test
b) Explain
c) Sense
d) Show

All serious actors warm up before
a) Rehearsals
b) Performances
c) Auditions
d) All of these responses are correct

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