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A metamorphic rock can be classified according to its
a) density and texture
b) color and composition
c) texture and composition
d) density and color

Foliated metamorphic rock forms when crystals
a) combine but do not form bands
b) combine and form visible bands
c) become less compact
d) align themselves parallel to the direction of the forces acting on them

sedimentary rocks with ripple marks suggest that the rocks formed
a) along a beach or stream bed
b) when an ancient animal swam over them
c) from shell fragments of ancient sea-dwelling animals
d) when wet mud dried and shrank

fossils are found only in
a) intrusive igneous rocks
b) extrusive igneous rocks
c) sedimentary rocks
d) metamorphic rocks

Which of the following represents the correct order of the processes responsible for the formation of sedimentary rocks?
a) erosion, weathering, compaction, cementation, deposition
b) compaction, cementation, deposition, weathering, erosion
c) deposition, cementation, compaction, erosion, weathering
d) weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation

A conglomerate is a rock that forms as a result of
a) intense heat and pressure
b) compaction and cementation
c) rapid cooling
d) slow cooling

The rock cycle includes all of the steps EXCEPT which of the following?
a) Magma or lava cools
b) Sediments melt deep beneath Earth's surface
c) Extreme heat and pressure form metamorphic rocks
d) Rocks at Earth's surface are broken down into smaller pieces

Metamorphic rock forms as a result of
a) heat and pressure
b) the cooling of magma
c) compaction of sediments
d) the melting of rock

Large scale folding of rock durin gthe process of mountain building is characteristic of a(n) _________ metamorphism setting.
a) regional
b) contact
c) foliated
d) nonfoliated

Becasue of the way they form, limestone and chert are classified as ________ sedimentary rocks.
a) chemical
b) clastic
c) intrusive
d) foliated

Granite is an example of a(n) __________ igneous rock that forms deep beneath Earth's surface
a) intrusive
b) extrusive
c) metamorphic
d) cemented

Obsidian is an example of a(n) igneous rock with __________ texture and formed when lava cooled so rapidly.
a) course grained
b) fine grained
c) porphorytic
d) glassy

What size sediments will be carried and deposited the greatest distance in the erosion and deposition processes?
a) smallest
b) heavy
c) biggest
d) jagged

Slow cooling priduces igneous rocks with large crystals and a(n) ________ texture.
a) course grained
b) fine grained
c) porphorytic
d) glassy

How is the rock cycle driven?
a) Internally by the Earth's interior and externally by energy from the sun
b) Naturally
c) Internally by pressure and externally from weathering
d) Internally by the heat from volcanoes and externally from erosion

What is the difference between how intrusive and extrusive igneous rock form?
a) Intrusive form when lava hardens and cools while extrusive form when magma hardens and cools
b) Intrusive form when magma hardens and cools while extrusive form when lava hardens and cools
c) They both form in the same way
d) Intrusive form when volcanoes erupt and spill into the ocean while extrusive form from mountain building

What type of rock form when magma or lava harden and cool
a) Igneous
b) Metamorphic
c) Sedimentary
d) All of the types of rocks

Which of the following is not one of the classification of rocks
a) sedimentary
b) metamorphic
c) igneous
d) intrusive

Because of the processes that take place within the _______, rocks can change from one type to another
a) rock cycle
b) magma
c) earths interior
d) rocks

A(n) ________ is a solid mass of mineral or minerallike matter that occurs naturally.
a) Rock
b) Mineral
c) Metamorphic
d) Lava

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