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What were the most profitable ways of making a living in New France?
a) fishing and fur trading
b) mining for gold and silver
c) commercial farming of tobacco and rice
d) milling and manufacturing

Which Development led to the other three
a) Native American populations were destroyed by disease
b) New types of food were shared by Europeans and Americans
c) Europeans nations sent explorers to the Americas
d) Africans were brought to the Americas as slaves

What was the main purpose of the Mayflower Compact
a) to establish freedom of religion in the colony
b) to ensure obedience to the King of England
c) to provide a new chance for debtors and criminals
d) to create a government that would benifit the colony

The need for agricultural workers in the early southern colonies led to
a) formation of labor unions
b) decision to industrialize
c) improvment in farming
d) use of enslaved persons from Africa

Which development led to the other three
a) Columbus landing in Hispanola
b) Founding of the Jamestown colony
c) Thousands of Native Americans indians dying from disease
d) Europeans using both tobacco and potatoes

The creation of the Virginia House of Burgesses was an important step in the development of democracy in colonial America because it:
a) Adopted a bill of rights for women
b) Allowed citizens to vote directly on proposed laws
c) Provided the first written constitution
d) Provided a representative form of government

What was one result of the Columbian Exchange
a) Native American population continued to increase
b) The African slave trade ended
c) Diseases were spread to Native American populations
d) Spain's empire in the New World declined

What was the major cause of death among native Americans after contact with Spanish Explorers
a) Relocation
b) Slavery
c) Disease
d) Starvation

What country originally owned New York City
a) Spain
b) England
c) The Netherlands
d) France

What group of people made it to America before Columbus
a) The Moors
b) The Moops
c) The Vikings
d) The French

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