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Which term best describes people from other countries who enter the USA to start new lives?
a) immigrants
b) consumers
c) producers
d) refugees

All of the following are major PUSH factors EXCEPT
a) hunger
b) poverty
c) violent conflict
d) job opportunities

Immigrants most HELP to build the US economy by:
a) using public services
b) serving in the military
c) starting new businesses
d) learning English

What is brain drain?
a) the loss of skilled workers who move to other countries
b) the loss of war refugees who move to other countries
c) the loss of aging parents in other countries
d) the loss of good students who attend college in other countries

How do immigrants benefit the USA?
a) They work at different jobs to support the US economy
b) They pay taxes
c) they help americans learn more about other cultures
d) all of the above

Why do some native born americans dislike or resent immigrants
a) they don't
b) they worry immigrants pay too much taxes
c) they fear that immigrants are taking away jobs from americans
d) they are afraid that they won't share their culture with americans

A person forced to flee their homes in search of safety is a:
a) refugee
b) detainee
c) remittance
d) emigrant

Do all people who are persecuted immigrate?
a) no
b) yes
c) maybe
d) can't tell

What is an example of a pull factor?
a) persecution
b) better education
c) unfair government
d) poverty

What is a remittance?
a) a payment immigrants send home to their families still living in a different country
b) sales tax
c) a bargaining fee
d) the same as retribution

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