Intro. To Theatre Final Review - Acting Question Preview (ID: 2222)

Review Information From The Acting Unit For The Final Exam.

The lines of a play, or conversation among characters, is known as what?
a) Talking
b) Dialogue
c) Discussion
d) Prompts

Anything an actor brings on stage with him or her is called a what?
a) Set prop
b) Costume
c) Hand prop
d) Piece of business

What is the body position you should use to convey important lines?
a) Profile Left
b) One Quarter Right
c) Full Front
d) Full Back

In order to start developing your character, what do you need to complete?
a) A Character Analysis
b) A report on the play
c) Blocking
d) A prompt book

What colors are typically reserved for lead characters?
a) Red and Blue
b) White and Red
c) White and Blue
d) Red and Orange

When setting up a ground plan, furniture groupings should provide a variety of what?
a) Playing areas
b) Places to sit
c) Things to look at
d) Distractions

In the theatre world, X stand for what?
a) Spot
b) Cross
c) Character
d) Do not

What is the basic idea of a play called?
a) Picture
b) Moral
c) Theme
d) Plot

Which of the following skills does theatre involve?
a) Verbal
b) Technical
c) Visual
d) All of these are correct

If Character A and Character B are looking at Character C, the audience will look at Character C too...what is this an example of?
a) Indirect Focus
b) Teeter-Totter Focus
c) Direct Focus
d) Counter Focus

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