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Bilt-Well Construction Corporation makes a side payment to a government official in Nigeria to obtain a contract. In the US, this is
a) illegal and unethical
b) illegal but not unethical
c) unethical but not legal
d) legal and ethical

Ethical standards would most likely be considered violated if Retail Mart Corporation deals with a company in a developing nation that
a) exploits its workers
b) pays its workers less than the US Minimum Wage
c) goes unnoticed by corporate watch groups
d) agrees to produce goods at Retail Mart's desired price

Fealty Credit Ccorporation asks its employees to evaluate their actions and get on the ethical business decision-making bandwagon. Guidelines for judging individual actions include all of the following except
a) an individuals's conscience
b) business rules and procedures
c) loopholes in the law or company policies
d) promises to others.

To assist in detecting illegal bribes, Cut Rite Contractors, Inc., and all US companies, must
a) keep records that accurately reflect financial activities
b) conceal financial records that reveal past bribes
c) make bribes through third parties rather than directly to officials
d) permit payment to foreign officials that are unlawful in that country

In making decisions for United Merchandising Company, Vance uses a cost-benefit analysis. This is part of
a) utilitarianism
b) the principle of rights
c) duty-based ethics
d) Kantian ethics

Halley, a lawyer on the staff of International Group, applies the utilitarian theory of ethics in business contexts. Utilitarianism focuses on
a) the consequences of an action
b) moral values
c) religious beliefs
d) the nature of an action

In making business decisions, Glenda, personnel manager for HVAC Maintenance, Inc., applies his belief that al personal have fundamental rights. This is
a) the principal of rights
b) a religious rule
c) the categorical imperative
d) utalitarianism

Lyle, vice-president of sales for Mi-T Electric, Inc., adheres to Judeo-Christian religious ethical standards. With respect to their application, these standards are
a) absolute
b) analytical
c) discretionary
d) utilitarian

Garn is a Flexo driver, whom the company knows drives longer hours than federal regulations permit. One night, Garn exceeds the limit and has an accident. Spilled chemicals contaminate Hill City's water. Flexo acted unethically because
a) Flexo showed reckless disregard for Hill City's residents and others
b) Garn exceeded the federal time time limit
c) harm was caused by an unfortunate accident
d) Hill City should have better protected its water source

Kennedy Capital Corporation provides other firms with funds to expand operations. If Kennedy strictly complies with old laws, the firm will
a) fulfill some business ethics obligations
b) fulfill all business ethics obligations
c) fulfill no business ethics obligations
d) not need to fulfill any business ethics obligations

Any decision by the management of Fast-Food Franchise Corporation may significantly affect its
a) operations only
b) operators, owners, suppliers, the community, or society as a whole
c) owners only
d) suppliers, the community, OR society as a whole

Housemate Inc. makes and sells a variety of household products. With a fair amount of certainty, Housemate's decision makers can predict whether a given business action would be legal in
a) many situations
b) all situations
c) no situations
d) practically no situations

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