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What was Dionysus the Greek god of?
a) Fertility and Wine
b) Fertility and Tragedies
c) Wine and Music
d) Music and Fertility

What is the term for the Greek costume that means
a) Larys
b) Chlamys
c) Himation
d) Toga

Of the great Greeks, who was referred to as the
a) Euripides
b) Aeschylus
c) Sophocles
d) Aristotle

Who wrote the play
a) Aeschylus
b) Aristotle
c) Euripides
d) Sophocles

What is Thespis considered to be?
a) The first true director
b) Champion boxer
c) The first true actor
d) Treasurer of Athens

What was the name of the festival that paid homage to the Greek god Dionysus?
a) Festival Dionysus
b) City Dionysia Festival
c) City Fest
d) Festival of the Golden Age

What was the main conflict in Greek tragedies?
a) Plights of women
b) Wil of one man vs. Will of another man
c) Will of one God vs. Will of another God
d) Will of the Gods vs. Will of the humans

What would happen if you weren't able to afford a ticket to the festival?
a) The state would purchase one for you
b) You were out of luck and had to stay home
c) You could take out a loan to purchase one
d) You had to find a friend to get you one

True or False: Only males were allowed to perform in plays during the Golden Age of Greece.
a) True
b) False
c) x
d) x

Masks were created by Thespis in order to
a) Show emotions of the characters
b) Show the characters' station in life
c) To project the voices of the actors
d) All of these responses are correct

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