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A point whose latitude is zero degrees is located on the
a) North Pole
b) Equator
c) South Pole
d) Prime Meridian

The distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian is
a) latitude
b) declination
c) longitude
d) projection

The needle of a magnetic compass points toward the
a) meridians
b) parallels
c) geographic North Pole
d) magnetic north pole

The most common map projections are based on three geometric shapes. Which of the following geometric shapes is NOT one of them?
a) cyliner
b) square
c) cone
d) plane

Mercator projections are distorted near the
a) equator
b) poles
c) prime meridian
d) date line

What kind of scale does NOT have written UNITS of measure?
a) representative fraction
b) verbal
c) graphic
d) mathematical

What is the relationship between the distance on a map and the actual distance on the Earth called?
a) legend
b) elevation
c) relief
d) scale

The latitude of the North Pole is
a) 100 degrees north
b) 90 degrees north
c) 180 degrees north
d) 90 degrees south

Widely spaced contour lines indicate a
a) steep slope
b) hill
c) gentle slope
d) river

________________ is the height of an object above sea level.
a) Contour interval
b) Elevation
c) Declination
d) Index contour

Equal points of elevation on a topographic map are connected by
a) contour lines
b) contour intervals
c) meridians
d) sea levels

All flat lands are areas of low _______________________.
a) Elevation
b) Relief
c) Density
d) Contours

The _________________ is an imaginary line that passes through Greenwich, England.
a) Equator
b) 180 degree longitude line
c) Prime Meridian
d) Queen Meridian

A ___________________ is a fixed place on the Earth's surface from which direction and location can be described.
a) Compass Rose
b) Reference Point
c) Global Positioning System
d) Gnomonic Projection

Longitude and Latitude are measured in
a) meters
b) radians
c) feet
d) degrees

A contour interval is
a) the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points of mapped area.
b) the darker, heavier contour line labeled by elevation
c) the difference in elevation between one contour line and the next contour line
d) an index of a topographic map

What technological advancements have not helped mapmakers develop maps faster and more accurately?
a) Aerial Photographs
b) Satellite Imaging
c) New colors

Why does Greenland appear so large in relation to other landmasses on a map with a Mercator projection?
a) The other landmasses are distorted to look smaller than they are.
b) Greenland is larger than all the other landmasses.
c) Greenland is distorted to look larger than the other landmasses.
d) Greenland includes part of the North pole on the Mercator projection.

Why does distortion on a map occur?
a) It occurs because the Earth's flat surface is trying to be drawn as a curve
b) The lenses in our aerial cameras distort the shapes of the Earth's surface features.
c) We can't see the Earth from an aerial view, so our maps are made off what we see by traveling along the Earth's surface.
d) The distortion occurs when we try to map a curved surface on a flat surface.

If a contour map contains streams, can you tell where the higher ground is even if all of the numbers are removed?
a) Yes; contour lines crossing the stream will be V-shaped with the V pointing toward the higher elevation
b) Yes; there are arrows on the map pointing up hill and downhill
c) Yes; contour lines crossing the stream will be V-shaped with the V pointing toward the Lower elevation
d) No, the numbers are the only way to tell.

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