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Conduction, convection, and radiation are all examples of what kind of energy transfer?
a) thermal
b) electrical
c) mechanical

Which term best explains what happens when a student warms his hand by placing it on a hot water bottle?
a) convection
b) conduction
c) radiation

Which of these activities is an example of heat transfer through radiation?
a) food cooking in the oven
b) warming your hands near a fireplace
c) water boiling in a container

Which of the following is the best example of convection?
a) when you stick your tongue on a hot spoon while eating soup
b) cooking food in the microwave
c) when the upstairs of a house is warmer than the downstairs

Which of the following examples transforms energy from electrical to mechanical?
a) ceiling fan
b) oven
c) wind mill

When you rub your hands together and they feel warm, what kind of energy transfer is happening?
a) mechanical to electrical
b) thermal to mechanical
c) mechanical to thermal

Mr. Sudimack placed ice cubes in a glass of juice to keep the drink cold on a warm day. After several minutes, the ice cubes melted. Which of the following statements best describes why this occurred?
a) Heat flowed from the juice to the ice cubes, causing them to reach equilibrium with the juice.
b) Heat flowed from the ice cubes to cool the juice, causing the ice cubes to melt.
c) Heat flowed both ways between the ice cubes and the juice until they were the same temperature.

Equilibrium happens when two objects reach____________________.
a) hotter temperature
b) same temperature
c) colder temperature

Why do my hands feel cold when I touch an ice cube?
a) The ice cube sucks all of the heat energy from your hands.
b) Heat energy flows from your hand to the ice cube through conduction
c) Heat energy flows from the ice cube to your hands through conduction

The sun heats the metal football stadium bleacher and as I sit down, I burn my legs. What two types of heat energy transfer are present?
a) conduction, convection
b) convection, radiation
c) radiation, conduction

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