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Examples are construction companies, engine manufacturers, and coal mines.
a) goods-producing businesses
b) outsourcing
c) service-producing businesses
d) planning

Human resource activity involving job analysis and job recruitment.
a) Planning and Staffing
b) Downsizing
c) Service-producing
d) Outsourcing

A planned reduction in the number of employees needed.
a) Downsizing
b) Upsizing
c) Outsourcing
d) Temporary employee

Human resource activity involving enforcement of company policy.
a) Employee relations
b) Temporary Employees
c) Service-providing businesses
d) Downsizing

Examples include insurance companies and dentists.
a) Service-providing businesses
b) planning and staffing
c) outsourcing
d) downsizing

Human resource activity involving managing promotions and terminations.
a) Performance management
b) outsourcing
c) permanent employee
d) downsizing

An employee to whom a company has made a long-term commitment
a) Permanent employee
b) downsizing
c) temporary employee
d) Outsourcing

Involves removing work from one company and sending it to another company to be completed at a lower cost.
a) outsourcing
b) downsizing
c) planning and staffing
d) temporary employee

An employee hired for a specific time or to complete a specific assignment.
a) Temporary Employe
b) Permanent Employee
c) Outsourcing
d) Downsizing

Human resources activity involving wage, salary, and benefits planning.
a) Compensation and benefits
b) downsizing
c) employee relations
d) service-providing businesses

The workforce is everyone ____ years old.
a) 16
b) 18
c) 21
d) 14

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