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FLEX Time is:
a) For low achieving students only.
b) Time for all students to be engaged in school work.
c) Time for students to take a break.
d) Time for reading only.

Teachers can request students:
a) Any day of the week.
b) Only on their priority day.
c) Monday and priority day.
d) Any day but Monday.

Channel One can be viewed during FLEX Time:
a) Every day of the week.
b) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
c) At the discretion of the teacher.
d) Only on Monday.

Monday during FLEX Time is:
a) SSR Time only.
b) Time to clean out backpacks and organize student binders.
c) Re-Teach missing concepts.
d) Allow all students opportunities to re-take tests/quizzes.

FLEX Time Teachers will:
a) Check all student's grades on Monday and conference with them.
b) Support all classroom assignments, common or not.
c) Focus on only low achieving students.
d) Email their student requests to necessary teachers.

PBIS is:
a) Used only on a weekly basis.
b) For SPED students only.
c) Another education acronym.
d) Our school-wide plan for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.

PBIS will:
a) Focus on the kids that are good all of the time.
b) Reward any recognized behaviors.
c) Use data to track behavior changes in all areas of the school.
d) Use QR codes on some of the cards.

LRIS's Collective Commitments are:
a) For teachers only.
b) To drive everyone crazy and make them feel micro-managed.
c) One more thing to do!
d) Non-negotiable.

Collaboration time is:
a) Every Monday from 2:15 - 3:00 (or longer if necessary.)
b) For only the departments and teams that need it.
c) Held on an As Needed basis.
d) Only for the committed people or the ones that need to be committed ;)

Faculty Meeting is:
a) Whenever Kalyn wants to hold them.
b) Another thing to do on Mondays.
c) A waste of time and effort.
d) On the 4th Monday of every month.

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