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The organisms of one species living together in the same place at the same time are a
a) community
b) ecosytem
c) population
d) biotic factor

The job or role of an organism in the ecosystem is
a) habitat
b) community
c) niche
d) symbiosis

Which word best describes frogs, birds and insects in an ecosystem?
a) population
b) organism
c) community
d) ecosystem

All of the organisms living in an area and the nonliving features of their environment are known as a(n)
a) community
b) population
c) ecosystem
d) biotic factor

On a coral reef ecosystem which factor below would be considered biotic?
a) rocks
b) sand
c) sea horse
d) water

On a coral reef ecosystem which factor would be considered abiotic?
a) algae
b) sharks
c) rock
d) sponges

What is a more complete model of feeding relationships?
a) food map
b) food chain
c) food web
d) biotic factor

Drought, fewer plants, and fewer nesting sites are examples of ____________ factors.
a) biotic
b) abiotic
c) limiting
d) carrying capacity

Which of the following is an abiotic factor in a biome?
a) the kinds of trees
b) the number of insect species
c) the average temperature
d) the mosses and algae

Anything that restricts the number of individuals living in a population is
a) a limiting factor
b) population spacing
c) symbiosis
d) biotic potential

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