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In what year did WWI Begin
a) 1914
b) 1915
c) 1916
d) 1917

WWI was known as
a) Long War
b) Great War
c) Good War
d) Bad War

The countries that promised to help each other were called
a) Friends
b) Homies
c) Allies
d) Buddies

Countries that tried to stay out of the war were called
a) Cowards
b) Neutral
c) Scared
d) Weak

Ships that travel underwater are called
a) boats
b) underwater boat
c) submarines
d) bubbles

Who was president at this time
a) Wilson
b) Lincoln
c) Washington
d) Adams

How did USA help pay for the war
a) Loans
b) Bonds
c) Found Gold
d) Stole

How many Americans went to Europe to fight
a) 1 Million
b) 2 Million
c) 3 Million
d) 4 Million

The war ended on what date
a) 11/11/11
b) 11/11/14
c) 11/11/16
d) 11/11/18

How many Americans were killed in the war
a) Over 100,000
b) Over 200,000
c) Over 150,000
d) Over 300,000

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