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What other social class hierarchy was the Latin American Social (Class) Hierarchy similar too because power was given to only a few people.
a) The Colonial System of England
b) English Parliament
c) The Estates of France
d) The Realpolitik of Prussa

What country was Haiti a colony of?
a) Spain
b) Denmark
c) Prussia
d) France

What did the Haitian slaves do in 1799 because of the horrible treatment by the French?
a) elect Toussaint L'Ouverture as president
b) flee back to Africa
c) take a boat to Spanish Florida
d) Revolt against the Frech

Who led the slave revolt in Haiti
a) Toussaint L'Ouverture
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Miguel y Costilla
d) None of the above

Why was the slave revolt in Haiti important
a) It allowed the British to take over the Caribbean.
b) It allowed for the French to attack the colonies in the French and Indian War
c) It was the only successful slave revolt in history
d) none of the above

Which Latin American Social Group ,who led most of the nationalism movements, spread the ideas of the Enlightenment because they were exposed to them while living in Europe?
a) Penninsulares
b) Creoles
c) Mulattos
d) Mestizos

What did the people of Latin America use as a reason to justify their rebellions against Spain?
a) Nationalism
b) Socialism
c) Republicanism
d) Fascism

Who led the major Mexican Independence Movement?
a) Agustin Iturbide
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Jose de San Martin
d) Manuel Noriega

Which country finally gained its independence from Spain because the Creoles felt they would lose their power if they didn't break away?
a) Haiti
b) Hispanola
c) Mexico
d) Brazil

Whose goal was it to create a large Spanish speaking country in South America known as Gran Colombia?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Miguel y Costilla
c) Antonio Banderas
d) Agustin Iturbide

Who worked with Simon Bolivar in the independence movements in South America?
a) Jose de San Martin
b) Antonio Banderas
c) Miguel y Costilla
d) Agustin Iturbide

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