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What is a system of supplying land with water through a system of canals?
a) irrigation
b) civiliation
c) farming
d) surplus

What is another word for AGRICULTURE?
a) trading
b) selling
c) making
d) farming

Which one of these is a natural resource?
a) balloons
b) wood
c) weapons
d) tools

When is the time period after people learned how to farm?
a) Old Stone Age
b) New Stone Age
c) Copper Age
d) Bronze Age

What is the time period called when all of human prehistory took place?
a) Old Stone Age
b) New Stone Age
c) Bronze Age
d) Copper Age

What does it mean to domesticate animals?
a) kill animals
b) tame animals
c) eat animals
d) play with animals

Who is a person with no settled home?
a) artisan
b) surplus
c) nomad
d) merchant

What is land or soil that has substances plants need to grow?
a) mountains
b) beach soil
c) fertile soil
d) marsh soil

What are stories passed down by word of mouth?
a) oral traditions
b) myths
c) biographies
d) articles

Who is a scientist that studies old artifacts such as bones, tools, and weapons?
a) geologist
b) paleontologist
c) artisan
d) archaeologist

What is the time period before writing was invented called?
a) prehistory
b) history
c) irrigation
d) civilization

What are the written and recorded events of people?
a) prehistory
b) history
c) civilization
d) surplus

If you have a surplus of food then you have___
a) none
b) too little
c) too much
d) rotting

A worker that is skilled in something.
a) farmer
b) nomad
c) merchant
d) artisan

What is a civilization?
a) A society with cities, government, workers, and social class.
b) A group of people with similar backgrounds, wealth, and ways of living.
c) A job
d) An area of fertile soil

What are occupations?
a) workers
b) cities
c) jobs
d) goods

Which is the first metal to be used by people?
a) bronze
b) copper
c) iron
d) tin

Who is a person that trades food and goods?
a) artisan
b) nomad
c) merchant
d) farmer

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