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Which of the following is the best example of someone exhibiting obsessive-compulsive disorder?
a) Minji who returns home seven times to see if she turned off her curling iron.
b) Kym who hyperventilates whenever she is trapped in an elevator
c) Russell who complains constantly about feeling sick and goes to many doctors
d) Deanna who keeps remembering the plane crash that killed other members of her family

According to the psychoanalytic view, depression is caused by
a) unresolved experiences of loss from childhood
b) prolonged exposure to stressors
c) self-defeating thoughts
d) a neurotransmitter imbalance

The goal of humanistic therapy is
a) to attain self-actualization
b) to change maladaptive behavior to more socially acceptable behavior
c) to change negative thinking into more positive attributions
d) to bring unconscious conflicts to conscious awareness

Which of the following is a criteria for diagnosing abnormal behaviors or disorders?
a) maladaptive behaviors
b) Cautious thought
c) Irrational thought
d) violate social norm

Mental illness is a result of one’s genetic make up according to the ________ view.
a) biological
b) humanistic
c) psychodynamic
d) behaviorist

_________________ is the psychologist who developed client-centered therapy.
a) Carl Rogers
b) Abraham Maslow
c) BF Skinner
d) John Watson

All of the following are examples of abnormal behavior except
a) wearing skinny jeans
b) listening to voices in your head that no one else can hear
c) being afraid to leave your home when it is reasonably safe
d) making beeping sounds everytime you back up

What is used to classify mental illnesses?

An irrational fear is a
a) phobia
b) being afraid
c) anxiety
d) abnormal

A form of operant conditioning in which a person is given a reward that can be handed in for a larger reward is
a) Token Economy
b) Aversive conditioning
c) classical conditioning
d) Reward Economy

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