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The period of time between Olympic games is known as:
a) Olympiad
b) Olympus
c) Decade
d) Century

What was the home country of the Ancient Olympics?
a) United States
b) China
c) Greece
d) Athens

Who was the most powerful deity?
a) Aphrodite
b) Helen
c) Odysseus
d) Zeus

The 12 major deities were known as
a) 12 crusaders
b) 12 olympians
c) 12 elves
d) 12 gladiators

A large vase for storing goods and supplies was called
a) kettle
b) kylix
c) amphora
d) drum

A domain is
a) colony
b) territory
c) church sancturary
d) philosophy

A play with a humorous theme and a happy ending is called :
a) tragedy
b) comedy
c) Ode
d) Sonnet

Who created the sculpture : The Discus Thrower
a) Myron
b) Phidias
c) Aristophanes
d) Aphrodite

What award was given to Ancient Olympic champions
a) gold medal
b) money
c) wreath of olive leaves
d) Nike contract

Which of the following is untrue?
a) Athletes competed naked
b) Had to be a Greek Male
c) Women were allowed to watch
d) Had to be a free citizen

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