SONG POEM THEME Question Preview (ID: 22166)


What is the defintion of theme?
a) message or moral of the story
b) the strategy of the author
c) the style of the story
d) fiction or non-fiction

Which of the following is a theme?
a) Kendra showed courage by facing her fears
b) Wizards can be good or bad
c) The bully was mean and ugly
d) Jennie's granparents were missing

When you see WORDS OF THE WISER you may have found
a) the theme
b) the title
c) the main character
d) the history of the character

According to the author, what is the theme? (DREW-VANESSA-EMMA-LANDON)
a) Make sure life has a purpose
b) flowers nod in the wind
c) nature
d) All of the above

Which line explains the theme of the poem? (MORGAN-WALKER-NATALIE-JOSEPH)
a) Make a sea of purpose mightier then we dream today
b) rainbow light flashes bright
c) on!/ to be a cloud
d) holding up/last forever

According to the passage what is the theme? (TRENT-LOGAN-JULISSA)-MIA
a) make sure you have a good life that has meaning
b) clouds are in the sky
c) waves in the ocean
d) nature is good

Which of these supports the theme? (ALEX-BRYSON-GRACE-HAMZA)
a) Make a sea of purpose...
b) Blossoms Hold
c) Oh! to be a butterfly
d) Mines of gold

According to the poem, what lasts the longest? (MICHAEL-ROB-MADIIE-JUSTIN)
a) Flowers
b) Butterflies
c) Waves
d) Clouds

The poem is mostly about make meaining of your life because... (ISAAC_MAHAIRA_THING J-MASON-SAL)
a) The author thinks deeply
b) make a sea of purpose mightier than we dream today
c) the author likes butterflies
d) flowers die

a) Your life needs purpose so that your deeds last forever, like waves
b) soon they die, the flowers
c) lingeringly in the land
d) telling tales of coral waves

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