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Which of the following produces OH (hydroxide) ions?
a) Bases
b) Acids
c) Salts
d) Solutions

What is the pH of acids?
a) 7
b) Above 7
c) Below 7
d) Above 14

What color does an acid turn litmus paper?
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Black
d) White

What helps keep your blood close to a nearly neutral pH?
a) Buffers
b) Chemicals
c) Antacids
d) Bases

What speeds up the dissolving of a solid in a liquid?
a) Stirring it.
b) Increasing surface area
c) Increasing Temperature
d) All of the Above

What type of mixture is a solution?
a) Heterogeneous
b) Compound
c) Homogeneous
d) It is not a mixture.

Water is said to be the ---
a) Universal Solute
b) Universal Solvent
c) Non-polar
d) Universal Acid

What are the products of mixing an acid and a base?
a) Nothing Happens
b) Acid Rain
c) Salt and Water
d) Acid and Base

A solution that contains all of the solute it can normally hold at a given temperature is--
a) Dilute
b) Unsaturated
c) Saturated
d) Supersaturated

Acid rain would have a pH of --
a) 7.5
b) 9
c) 13
d) 5.5

A molecule with a positive and negative area is said to be--
a) Polar
b) NonPolar
c) Ionic
d) Radioactive

The substance that does the dissolving is called the ---
a) Solute
b) Solvent
c) Gas
d) Saturation

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